Crossings in Aberdeen (a rapid ethnographic exercise) In Aberdeen pedestrian crossings are organized in such a way that car and pedestrian are not taken as a same flow of “traffic” but two different ones. I say so because of instead of adjusting the rhythms of cars and pedestrians that go on the same direction, all road… Read More

Departing from the previous text, Towards a distributed model of action in the territory, there seemed to be some issues that stood out and from which we could depart from and work on: fluids, dealing with universalim, grounds and surfaces and, finally, communities. Maybe the one important question I’d like to answer (in some distant… Read More

Este otoño voy a estar escribiendo desde Aberdeen, donde he venido a aprender a hacer mejor investigación con Tim Ingold y su equipo en un departamento de antropología que, como ya sabéis los lectores de este blog, está muy centrado en el entorno y su construcción. El trabajo en aRRsa! continua por supuesto y también… Read More