As I said before, I’m gonna start my MasterDIWO with my previous research on HouseWork technologies and its updating to a new distributed paradigm unveiled by internet. This research was the theoretical background of my Degree Project in 2010. It payed attention to artistic and activist experiences related to the city and the body that… Read More

With this post I officially start my DIY Master in Arts, Science, Anthropology and Open Business, …yeah, quite a remix. Its objective is to gather together these interests and my previous works in these fields, and then reconduct them to the definition of a profession that fits me. The work I’ll do in all the… Read More

En la red social Sóc de Poble he añadido esta discusión: Ací ( “living labs”: democratizando la innovación), he retrobat el concepte de “living lab” i he pensat en escriure un poc sobre ell. Per vore si en La Torre seria posible algo així.En l’article, a més de reflexionar sobre aquest concepte de ciutadans motors… Read More