For one of my courses I’ve started to look at patterns, very influenced by Lars Spuybroek’s accounts of the gothic and wanting to look back again at the ideas in Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition and to devise, as Ingold says (2013:11) ,how is it possible that things “remain the same” in a world always changing.… Read More

Crossings in Aberdeen (a rapid ethnographic exercise) In Aberdeen pedestrian crossings are organized in such a way that car and pedestrian are not taken as a same flow of “traffic” but two different ones. I say so because of instead of adjusting the rhythms of cars and pedestrians that go on the same direction, all road… Read More

Departing from the previous text, Towards a distributed model of action in the territory, there seemed to be some issues that stood out and from which we could depart from and work on: fluids, dealing with universalim, grounds and surfaces and, finally, communities. Maybe the one important question I’d like to answer (in some distant… Read More

Just returned from our trip to UK. Among other things we participated in this year RGS Conference in the session “Assemblage Theory in Urban Research”. Here I leave our presentation. I hope to hear feedback from you! Just a few odd data pieces: Guadalest, a little village one hour far form Benidorm with a population… Read More

It’s quite obvious at this point that the sharing economy is here to stay. Now the debate is on how and when will it be established, if not as the prevailing economical system, at least, it will be an important part of it.  Nevertheless, as I see all the trouble that these companies are having… Read More

Our immediate response was that this was quite a neat validation of our insistence that WikiHouse is deeply un-original. In fact, its ambition is to be as un-original as possible. Its also a useful reminder that, beyond post-20th century ‘Design’ culture, and the pre-occupation with design authorship, un-originality is in fact a huge virtue. Selective… Read More

I’ve found this really nice story in varnelis blog “There’s a photo of a guy who got tattoos to match those found on Otzi, aka The Iceman, who died more than 5,000 years ago in the Italian Alps. Mike Goldstein, the guy who got the tattoo, said the series of 10 simple lines arranged in… Read More

These days two reflections have been published in my Personal Learning Network about what we mainly do in MasterDIWO: try to define our profession (at least that’s one of my main obejectives). Sergi does it from the skills he has acquired during his formation as an architect, and not from the legal competences that he… Read More