icy-frost-pattern-rosendhalFor one of my courses I’ve started to look at patterns, very influenced by Lars Spuybroek’s accounts of the gothic and wanting to look back again at the ideas in Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition and to devise, as Ingold says (2013:11) ,how is it possible that things “remain the same” in a world always changing. Then, with Tim, we were talking about the distinction that could be made between the striating of the lines of latitude and altitude in the sea and the line of the fabric in the loom or the line the plough makes in the land. I think the difference is somewhere in the abstraction and universalization that the metric system supposes. Contrary to the other lines, the platinum bar that establishes this system is not a material line. Or better, it is not an active line that has been set as a standard inside a system of practice.
With all this I have thought of looking to non-standard ways of measuring and patterning for repetition. We’ll see what it comes out!

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