As I said before, I’m gonna start my MasterDIWO with my previous research on HouseWork technologies and its updating to a new distributed paradigm unveiled by internet. This research was the theoretical background of my Degree Project in 2010. It payed attention to artistic and activist experiences related to the city and the body that treated this paradigm in depth, and analyzed the tools they used to reinterpret them in the locations I chose to develop my proposals of new tools for HouseWork, that was the main subject of my Degree Project.

The research was based in three theoretical concepts: action space (as described by Otto von Busch), ownbodywork (which I made up), signifyin’ (as described by Paul Fry). As I’m going to keep these concepts for the master (and add some others) and the main topic, the Housework. I’ve reviewed the text in which I sumed up the research and how it affected the Degree Project that I presented in the CIMUAT Congreso Internacional Mujer, Arte y Tecnología in Valencia. I share it here as a starting point for my next research.

[ipaper id=70637779]

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