With this post I officially start my DIY Master in Arts, Science, Anthropology and Open Business, …yeah, quite a remix.

Its objective is to gather together these interests and my previous works in these fields, and then reconduct them to the definition of a profession that fits me. The work I’ll do in all the subjects will be centered around the research: CommonHWorks, Reconstructing our environment through our everyday domestic works, named after my Bachelor’s Degree Thesis in Architecture, and inspired by the work we’re doing in aRRsa! a Platform for reengaging in building processes actors that have been moved away from them.

This DIY Master is in the context of a DIWO Master that we’re developing together with other peers. So, also some writing and references about the auto-formative process will appear in the blog, as the following:

As every educative process it has a relation between professors, student, methods and subjects, organized by the objective above. But in this case the process is not driven by the professor but by the student on her own, and accompanied with her peers.

In the diagram below I try to link the SUBJECTS and concrete themes and work I’ll be doing, that is divided in WRITE, LIKE and DO. From October to June, the expected duration of the DIY master, there are 39 weeks (including holiday), so I’ve thinked I’m gonna be able to do the work equivalent of writing 2 long posts a week. That would be around 50 posts…I plan to do 60% of workload in writting and 40% in making a prototype.

The prototype is linking art, technology and anthropology, and I haven’t decide already what it will serve for. That’s the work I’ll start with: doing a compilation of the writings I have about Housework Technologies in history, Interaction and Engagement in art for Action emergence and Visualization. That is 5 or 6 weeks more or less and about 10 posts. These are aimed to inform and decide about the prototype. My intention is to make it by myself (maybe we will have a research line about this in the DIWO Master group with other peers)  so I’ll have to recover and deepen what I know about Processing and sensoring.

For this I’ve found some courses that publish their resources and assignments in the Internet and I plan to follow some of them, besides some forums. The yellow rectangles in the diagram are links to the courses. (I’ll try to make a navigable version of the diagram, that I’ve made with VUE and is going to be kind of a diary of these learning process). It would be great if I write 1 or 2 posts till Christmas about this topic of Open University and Self-learning.

The right side of the diagram contents are about the educative process itself, and what I’ve named Open Business. There’s a topic that links alltogether: Gift Economy around which I’ve also worked before; and a DO work that it’s not part of the DIY Master, the work I’m doing in aRRsa! as some kind of architect that it’s yet to define, but will give the occasion of writting about “new type of projects”.  There’s a text of Tim Inglod that I’ve left half translated “On waving a basket” that I plan to finish and I hope it will serve to explain what I mean by another type of “building” projects that don’t follow the classic steps: idea, drawing, building.. we’ve written also before this in aRRsa!. And to bring all these to reality and be able to talk about a “profession” I’m gonna be also reading and writing about cooperatives and creative work. The main source for these will be lasindias.info and their work about communities and entrepeneurship. I think it’s important that there exists these three poles: in one prevails artistic action, in the other the reflections that link with the last one, the funding and everyday economic reality of a profession.

Some may think I’m avoiding my background subject, architecture.. But I think there’s always been more fun and interesting people in the surroundings.

I hope it will come to a good ending  starting!

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